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Our selection of rental houses

We propose you our selection of houses to let, divided in 3 categories, according to the number of persons that could stay in the houses.

We would be happy to help you in making your choice of your ideal holiday house. Do send us your criteria, we will send you a personalised selection.

Contact us for our promotions and last minute offers!

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* HOLIDAY HOUSES (1-4 persons) : 

Offer Studio Rustrel Beautiful studio (2 persons) with large swimming-pool and panoramic view in Rustrel, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer 813,00/week in stead of 925,00/week (21-28/8 2010). 


Last Minute Holiday House Goult Natural stone holiday house (4 persons) with panoramic view in Goult, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer JULY & AUGUST : 675,00/week in stead of 750,00/week (17-24/7 & 14-28/8 2010). 


* HOLIDAY HOUSES (5-8 persons) : 

Promotion Holiday House Rustrel Charming holiday house (7 persons) with swimming-pool and view on the ochre rocks of the colorado à Rustrel, Luberon. 

Exceptional Promotion : 1.625,00 in stead of 1.900,00/week (14-28/8 2010) and 1.250,00 in stead of 1.500,00/week (28/8-25/9 2010).


Offre Villa Saignon Spacious villa (8 persons) with garden in Saignon, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer : 563,00/week in stead of 625,00/week (September 2010) and 788,00/week in stead of 875,00/week (July & August 2010). 


Offer Villa Caseneuve Spacious villa (8 persons) with swimming-pool and view in Caseneuve, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer : 1.400,00/week in stead of 2.000,00/week (21-28/8 2010) and 800,00/week in stead of 1.000,00/week (28/8 -4/9 2010) or 2.000,00/2 weeks in stead of 3.000,00/2 weeks (21/8-4/9 2010).


Offer Villa GoultOffer Villa GoultOffer Villa GoultOffer Villa Goult Beautiful villas (8 persons) with swimming-pool and garden in Goult, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer 1.2500,00 & 1.500,00/week in stead of 2.000,00/week (September 2010). 


Offer farmhouse Les Beaumettes Natural stone holiday house with large swimming-pool and splendid view in Les Beaumettes, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer 2.125,00/week (28/8-11/9 2010). 


* HOLIDAY HOUSES (> 8 persons) :

JULY - AUGUST Madness Farmhouse Roussillon Renovated farmhouse (9 persons) with large swimming-pool in Roussillon, Luberon. 

JULY - AUGUST Madness : 2.500,00/week in stead of 3.250,00/week (23-31/7 2010) and 2.125,00/week in stead of 3.250,00/week (21-28/8 2010). 


Offer Villa Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt Beautiful villa (10 persons) with swimming-pool and large garden in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt, Luberon. 

Exceptional Offer 1.966,00/week in stead of 2.313,00/week (28/8-4/9 & 11/9-2/10 2010).


Offer Mas Cabrières-d'Avignon Charming villa (12 persons) with swimming-pool and garden in Cabrières-d'Avignon, Luberon. 

Last Minute Offer JULY - AUGUST 3.400,00/week in stead of 4.000,00/week ( 14-28/8 2010). 


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