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Village des Bories, Gordes, Luberon

On the slopes of the Vaucluse mountains, facing the Luberon mountains, the Village des Bories with its sheep-pens, stone bread ovens, wine vats, threshing areas, narrow alleys and "city walls" bears witness to the numerous generations of hard working people that have inhabited this place.

Since the Bories (a "borie" is a stone hut characteristic of the Apt area), can be traced back to the Bronze Age, it is about 3000 years of continuity that one contemplates, the newest huts having been built in the XVIIIth century. 

The French Government has classified the Village des Bories a Historical Monument in 1977.  It is the most important group of houses of its kind situated in Gordes. It is now under protection, yet open to visitors.

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